About Us

Garderie KiddyKat Daycare - about us

About our Philosophy

We believe in encouraging the child to grow in a safe learning environment. The first step of learning takes place at home, and we are here to help continue that learning bridge from home to school. We want to provide your little ones a nurturing environment in which they can discover themselves, build their self esteem, form trusting relationships, become social active beings, and most importantly go home happy and healthy. Each child plays a very special role at Garderie Kiddy Kat. We take the time to get to know each one, and cater to his or her needs. We communicate with you daily through writing, and orally to give you insight of your child’s day. We give a lot of importance to partnering up with the parent or guardian to provide the best possible environment for your child so that he or she benefits from the learning situations.
We leave you with this quote to ponder and reflect on how we can provide children with the tools and language that will set them on the path to success.

We cannot create observers by saying ‘observe,’ but by giving them the power and the means for this observation and these means are procured through education of the senses. -Maria Montessori

About our Director, Educators, and Cook


My name is Ms. Mehwaish Raja. I am a McGill graduate in the program of Kindergarten and Elementary Education. I also completed my undergrad in Child Studies at Concordia University. How did I come to choose to work with children? I am a nurturing, caring, open-minded, and always ready to have fun kind of person. But it’s not my personality that binded me to this path of work. It’s the children! Children are free spirited souls that are ready to have fun, show an abundance of affection, are inquisitive, and are willing to try just about anything! They inspire me in every aspect of my work. I love what I do because I work with little humans that are honest, and full of surprises. My day is filled with guiding children through different activities, and watching them learn and grow is one step closer to their success.

My philosphy has been shaped through my education, learning experiences, but most of all the experiences I shared with my students in the classroom. Each day I learn something new, and I am always looking forward to finding activities that will motivate and engage the childrens curiosty.

As the director, educator and friend of our students’ I hope to brighten each child’s day by simply listening, guiding, motivating, and engaging the children in each activity.

Our Educators

Garderie Kiddy Kat is proud to share that we have exceptional, caring, loving, and qualifed educators that are here to guide, teach, and inform you about your child’s daily activities. Our educators take the time to build a trusting bond with both the child and parent to help remove seperation anxiety, and the educators are always available to communicate with the parent concerning their child.

Our educators plan weekly activities based on a theme. They introduce age appropriate activities. The educators refer to the Ministere de la Famille’s pre-school curriculum to ensure that each area of development is addressed.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. -Brad Henry

Our Cook

Garderie Kiddy Kat has freshly prepared meals from our caterer Salade De Fruits; which includes daily nutrition and delicious meal for our children.  We make sure that each child receives the right amount of nutrition that is required on a daily basis.