Go Green with your kids!


Children are always fascinated with where we get our food from? Ask them at the dinner table…where did the food come from on their plate? Oh boy! The answers always blow my mind away. They are curious little beings, and with curiousty comes educating them and allowing them to share in our experiences. In May, I brought in soil, flower seeds, and one mom (thank you!!) provided us with vegetable seeds. Each child chose what he or she would like to plant. On a daily basis they watered their plant, ask questions and make observations on their plants. This was a simple activity but it taught me and the children so many different things. We all took something different from this experience, but I can tell you that it was really enjoyed by each one of the kids. So go ahead pick up a pot, soil, and seeds. and plant away. This is a great family activity and you are instilling a growing love and curiosty for planting, garderning, and to take care of MOTHER NATURE!


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