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Garderie Kiddy Kat Daycare - Monthly Activities

About our Monthly Activities

Daycare can be a long day for little children, and sometimes with our busy schedules children do not have access to extra curricular activities. Therefore we offer a wide range of activities for all age groups. The activities are offered on a seasonal basis so that children have a chance to try all of them. This gives our pre-schoolers a chance to try an activity and continue it outside of daycare hours.

Along with our seasonal activities, we plan a FUN daily activity that is inspired by our weekly theme and childrens interest. Parents are sent the monthly activities schedule, and it is also posted on our bulletin board at the daycare. Our students look forward to the activities and we include their input when planning the daily activities. Below you will find a PDF of our daily activities schedule along with our seasonal activities.

See below the activities planned!
March 2015
Bi-weekly visits to the library
April 2015
Indoor and outdoor yoga
May 2015
Street hockey ( played at the park)
June/July 2015
Swimming lessons
Keep an eye out for update and next sessions activity schedule!

June 2015 – Activities and Menu