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About our Facilities

Garderie Kiddy kat has three classrooms, a seperate bathroom for children, two kitchens, and a sleeping room for babies. Each classroom is designed with the age group in mind. Lighting, color, toys, decoration, and space is all thought out so that children can have a safe space to learn and grow.


Our baby room is equipped with large windows to allow maximum amount of natural light in. We have also maximized space to allow babies to crawl, take their very first steps, and plenty of room to move and play. We also use this classroom to do indoor yoga sessions, zumba, karate, and group music lessons.

This is our 18 month to 2 year old classroom. Here children are given the best of of both worlds. We slowly introduce them to sit in their “big kids” chair. Children are begining to become independent, explore their space, so we designed the classroom to facilitiate their growing needs. There is a changing table in this classroom, and children ready to use the big kids toilet are also potty trained when both child and parents are ready. Children also have table activities to prepare them for their pre-school classroom.

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