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Our program

Infants 0-17 months are welcomed in our nursery. The schedule of their typical day is flexible to accommodate their physical and emotional well-being. However, the regularity of the day is encouraged in order to give the child the security and time cues he needs.

While respecting the individual rhythm of the infants, the educators introduce the following daily care into their planning:
  • Diaper changes, meals, naps
    The educator uses these moments to communicate with the children and establish a special bond with each of them.
  • Emotional needs
    Cuddling, lullabies, massages, comforting.
  • Nutritional needs
    The bottle is given to the infant as much as possible in direct contact, if not visual contact with the educator.
  • Communication between the educator and the parent
    This is essential at this age. In order to properly respond to the child's needs, a written and verbal exchange is established daily between the parents and the educators.
  • Specific activities
    Infants develop new knowledge, manual, physical and intellectual skills through play.
  • The activity program is offered in short periods, in groups or individually. All this in an atmosphere of trust, warmth, and security.
  • If the weather permits, a daily outing is made either in the small courtyard equipped with toys adapted to that specific age group.


Our Tiny Tots and Toddler Two’s is gathered in one group of ten children and two qualified educators.
Our goals for this special age group is to provided plenty of opportunities for them to explore the world around them through a series of playful activities and specific environment settings.
The classroom is designed to invite your toddler to play in different centers of interest, that explore the learning theme of the week.
Our themes are inspired by your children’s interest and understanding.
Children will be given opportunities to express themselves, learn to share, socialize, learning life skills such as eating independently, dressing up with assistance when required, exploring creative arts, using their whole body for creative movement. The children will move through all activities and opportunities to learn through motivated intentional play.
We follow the learning curve of the group as well as implementing activities to meet each individual child’s developmental goals.


Our preschool group starts at the early age of three to five years old. This group also has two educators that implement daily activities to develop their skills to prepare them for kindergarten. We offer a Francais plus program, where communicating only in French is encouraged. Your child will be given many opportunities to express themselves, build their self-esteem, socialize positively, solve problems, and be introduced to STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and math) to prepare for their next big adventure: Kindergarten.

About our Daily Activities

The daily routine is scheduled to accommodate the needs of the children.
The nursery routine is flexible and the educators address their immediate needs first and plan activities according to the babies group interest and readiness.
The tots group have a structured routine yet also have plenty room for flexibility as it is important to work with the children’s motivation, readiness and interest. Parents are informed when a change of activity takes place.
The PreK group routine is a structured routine which implements different activities daily to keep your children engaged and follows the groups learning cues.